Doctors’ Answers to 5 Osteoarthritis Questions

Worried about osteoarthritis? This joint disease, which occurs as we age, can be the source of more than aches and pains – it can cause major disruptions to daily life.
If you have questions about osteoarthritis (also called OA), there’s no need to wait until your next doctor’s appointment. Here are the top 5 questions, answered

5 Ways to Avoid a Hip or Knee Injury

No one wants to go down for an injury, especially if it is an easily preventable one. Maybe you’ve had a hip or knee injury before, and don’t want to re-experience it. Maybe you know your body is more prone to injury due to osteoarthritis or high-intensity sports like skiing or running, and you’d like to better take care of your body. The good news is that whatever your reasons may be, hip and knee injuries are easily avoidable if the right precautions are taken!

How to Take Better Care of Your Joints

When’s the last time you thanked your joints for all their hard work? They help you get up in the morning, cook delicious meals, hug you family, and so much more.

When your joints deteriorate over time from wear and tear, though, these same everyday actions can become painful. So, how do you protect your joints to prevent future issues, like osteoarthritis? Here are a few ways that you can show your joint a little more TLC.

6 Myths About Total Hip and Knee Replacement Surgery

It can be difficult to determine whether total hip and knee replacement surgery is right for you. There is a lot of misinformation out there and sometimes you might not feel like you fit with the surgery stereotypes you’ve heard about. Here are six myths you shouldn’t believe – and the real facts about total hip and knee replacements. 1. I’m too young for this kind of surgery Total hip … Read More