How to Throw the Perfect Football Watch Party

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Now that we’re in the middle of both the college and professional football seasons, throwing a
good watch party just won’t do. If you want your friends to choose your home over another, you’ve got to seriously step up your game. Luckily, we’ve got some ideas to put your party yards ahead of the competition!

1. Start with the menu

A great watch party isn’t complete without plenty of delicious drinks and snacks. Grabbing a bag of chips and six-pack, though, won’t cut it. To score a meal-time touchdown, you’ve got to think bigger.

Homemade staples like five-layer bean dip, guacamole, and spinach and artichoke dip will keep your guests entertained and satiated. You can also try pairing menu items with the teams that are playing: Create a “Tiger Tail” desserts for a Clemson game or buffalo chicken sliders in honor of the South Carolina Gamecocks.

And don’t forget the drinks! Make sure you have plenty of beer, liquor, and non-alcoholic options so everyone is included.

2. Seating comes next

Here’s where things can get tricky. You want everyone to be seated comfortably and prevent anyone from blocking others’ view of the TV screen. Ensure you have a main spot for people to sit — a couch or big bench works — then, frame the room with other seating options. Feel free to bring chairs or stools in from other rooms. And don’t worry about everything matching; the goal here is to give everyone a place to sit if they want it.

3. Make sure everyone has the WiFi password

This might seem like a weird one, but many of your guests may be participating in Fantasy Football or looking to check scores of other games, so you want to make sure your WiFi is great throughout the whole house. Providing your guests with easy access to your network means they won’t be complaining about how slow their stats are updating. (Though we can’t promise they won’t complain about how poorly their team is performing!).

Not sure your WiFi system is up to speed? Talk to Atlantic Broadband about their Enhanced Home WiFi and get the best possible signal and speed as you move room to room so you’ll be covered no matter the size of shape of your home.

4. Get the best TV experience

Making sure you have access to all the games is the bear minimum when it comes to a good watch party. Upgrade your system by getting the TiVo platform from Atlantic Broadband for the ultimate TV experience. Not only will you be able to record six games at once, you can rewind, pause and fast-forward so you don’t miss a single second of the action.

Plus, if anyone’s unhappy with the game you’re showing on the big screen, let them use another one of your devices, like a tablet or smart phone so they can watch another game or something else (like Fox Sports 1 or the SEC Network). No need to compromise! The TiVo platform is super intuitive and easy use, even for the most technically challenged among us.

Now go forth and watch all the football your heart desires. Your home will surely be the hub for any big game if you follow these simple steps.

With Atlantic Broadband, you’ll be the envy of all your friends when they experience the speed of your WiFi and see how amazing the TiVo platform is. To learn more about their bundles, visit them online or give them a call at 844-574-8435.