5 Things to Consider When Pre-Planning a Funeral

Let’s face it – most people would rather spend their time talking about the good things in life. Every so often, however, it’s crucial to the wellbeing of our loved ones to talk about those easy to avoid, difficult topics.

While it’s never easy to think or talk about your own death – or that of your loved ones – once you take the time to plan for the inevitable, it will provide the peace of mind needed to enjoy the time you have left with your family. It also will help reduce the financial burden death can bring to your loved ones.

Additionally, planning ahead will give you more control over the many personal choices that must be made, and funeral service costs will be lower as well.

Don’t delay this important discussion. When you feel the time is right, here are five things to consider when pre-planning your funeral:

1. What will happen to your body? 

Will your body be buried, cremated, or donated to science? There are personal and religious reasons as well as costs associated with each choice. Do you know where you want your body to be buried? Do you have a family plot? Will your remains be put into an urn? Do you wish for your ashes to be scattered at an important location?

What will happen to your body is a significant decision to make – one that can be made easier by talking with someone that has the experience and knowledge to explain the details of each option.

2. What kind of service will you have?

The most common funeral types are traditional, burial or cremation. However, a customized service can be planned according to your exact wishes. By talking with a seasoned professional, you will gain a better understanding of the choices you will need to make.

3. What about the details?

There are more than a few things to consider for your funeral service. What will you be wearing? Will the tone be solemn remembrance or uplifting celebration? Will music be playing? If so, what songs? Any religious ceremonies performed? Just like any gathering or event, there are countless small details to be decided upon – and the costs associated with each – to consider.

4. How will you pay for the service?

Will you purchase life insurance from an insurance company? Will you purchase it from a funeral home? Are your kids going to pay for the service? Have you been saving for this expense? Once you begin to understand the costs involved, you can better develop a plan for how to best pay for a funeral service.

5. Reputation

Lastly, consider the reputation of the funeral home you choose. Like any other business, funeral homes can go out of business and sometimes change ownership. Find one that has a strong reputation in the community, staffed by people you can trust. They will be assisting you with a difficult, delicate stage of your life, and the staff needs to be both kind and reliable.

Find a funeral director you can trust who can guide you through these important decisions, and help you make the right choices. Shellhouse and Shellhouse-Rivers Funeral Homes have been servicing our community for years, and their professionals are happy to assist you. 

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