How To Be The House Everyone Wants To Go To

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Growing up, we all had that go-to house that everyone spent time at. Maybe they had a pool, a super-cool basement or just the best snacks, but whatever the reason, all your friends flocked there.

While the idea still remains the same today, the tables have turned when it comes to making your home the must-visit house. Snacks still play a big part, but technology is a primary draw for all ages. So how can you take your home game to a whole new level?

Here are 3 ways to make your house the hangout spot everyone wants to go to:

1. Step your WiFi game way up.

Even if you have the comfiest couches and best conversation, your guests will inevitably want to Google a fact or check the score of a hotly contested game. That’s why it’s important to ensure that your home is equipped with the latest in WiFi technology — and that all your guests have access to it.

Atlantic Broadband’s Enhanced Home WiFi service utilizes mesh network and advanced WiFi technology to provide consistently fast whole-home WiFi coverage, meaning you can say so long to dead zones and inconsistent speeds. It also ensures your WiFi signal is not compromised by any nearby interference with its noise cancelling technology, even in big apartment buildings. Best of all, your guests will have the best video streaming experience possible thanks to Enhanced WiFi’s smart technology that prioritizes all wireless video streams in the home. In other words, no more buffering screens for you or your guests. 

2. Get the latest gaming systems.

While you don’t want your kids at the computer or on the couch all day, a little motivation never hurt anyone. Once they finish their homework, or on the weekends, give them a treat in the way of the coolest consoles. Their friends will definitely flock to your home because of this, but at least this way, they’ll be talking to one another while they play, rather than texting!

Be prepared for the influx of teens with a high-speed network that can support their gaming habits. Atlantic Broadband’s internet services reach speeds up to 250 Mbps.

3. Make sure your TV can keep up.

With all these high-tech updates to your home, you don’t want your television to fall behind. Your TV can quickly become the focal point of fun occasions, but even if it’s the smartest one on the market, if you don’t have the right broadband connection to support it, it’ll look… well, less intelligent. Consider Atlantic Broadband Express Plus or Unleashed Plus plans, which receive 100 or 250 Mbps download speeds.

Additionally, if you find yourself binge-watching Netflix, HBO Go or Hulu, consider another easy step to improve your viewing experience: Hook your smart TV up to a wired connection. WiFi is great for everyone to use in your home when they’re on smartphones or laptops, but when it comes to your TV, which you don’t carry around in your pocket, directly connecting it to your network will make your connection even faster.

You can stock your pantry with all the snacks you want, but to truly make your home the hot spot in the neighborhood, make sure you have reliable, ultra-fast internet service with Atlantic Broadband. Their money-saving bundles make the service provider an easy choice for all families. To learn more, visit them online or give them a call at 844-574-8435.

Atlantic Broadband Express Plus or Unleashed Plus plans

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