How to Plan a Meaningful Funeral

A funeral pays tribute to the deceased and tells the story of who that person was. Whether you’re thinking about arrangements well in advance for someone who is living or if you’re already suffering the loss of a loved one planning a meaningful funeral you must only consider the story of the person who has passed and celebrate it. Since planning these arrangements is new for most people, seeking guidance is a good place to start. However, the meaning of the service will derive from the loving memories and character traits you wish to highlight as part of the deceased’s legacy.

Here are several suggestions for planning a meaningful funeral:

Incorporate hobbies or personality traits into the service to continue sharing their love and passion. Use their love of sports, travel, construction or gardening to guide your decision making.

Allow friends and family members to share stories or fond memories. Talking about the time you spent with the person and hearing or learning things told by others can be difficult, but also cathartic and beautiful.

Bring photographs or home videos and display them proudly for others to admire. Photos and videos say things we sometimes never can with our words, and is a powerful way to remember the deceased.

Suggest music based on a favorite song or artist, or ones tied to fond memories. Certain songs can be heard or performed which the person loved or reminds you of your time together.

Place a special item inside the casket to make an everlasting connection. When you think about the item or the person, you will know exactly where it is.

Lead a funeral procession by significant places that were enjoyed or special for any reason. Places frequented by the deceased or wherever people admired him could be incorporated into the procession route.

The special meaning of a funeral will extend the impact the person has made on his or her loved ones and will provide important memories for the younger children who won’t have as many opportunities to know this member of the family. For adults they can comfort each other by sharing their grief and celebrating the joy brought into the world by their loved one.

The right funeral home can guide you through these decisions and make suggestions based on their previous experience to help you find ways of shedding meaningful light on the arrangements you’re making.

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