Picking the Right Burial Plan for You

Everyone leaves behind a legacy. As we venture towards our final resting places, we must make important decisions which help to shape that legacy. This concluding chapter of our lives is something to plan for, and better not left to the kids. Many things in life happen beyond our control, but in planning your legacy and your burial plan, you are the one making the choices.

There are essentially 4 burial plans to choose from:

Traditional Casket – The most common service involves a casket, into which the body is placed, then lowered into a cemetery plot during a funeral service. Many choose a burial alongside their loved ones, with a gravestone, where friends and family may visit or leave flowers and other mementos.

Lawn Crypt Also known as underground mausoleums, these are the enclosed structures you see built above cemetery plots. In many cases, these signify the prestige of the individual laid to rest, or they allow for multiple family members to be buried together in the same cemetery.

Natural Burial The purpose is for the body to decompose naturally. Remains are set directly into the earth, buried using a special biodegradable casket, or wrapped in biodegradable cloth known as burial shroud. It is a very intimate process, whereby the grave site is dug by hand, and the body lowered into it by hand. No mechanical equipment is used.

Mausoleum Choose between a public or private mausoleum. Your casket is placed indoors, offering some prestige, and the ability for your family to visit at any time of year, since the casket will be in a dry area. A community mausoleum is a large structure, and open to the public, while private ones are typically built by a family exclusively for its own members, allowing for more control of the planning.

A fundamental part of the planning process involves understanding the costs associated with each plan. The casket and tombstone are often the most significant purchases you will make. However, there are funeral home services to consider, such as transporting the body, casket rentals for a memorial, burial equipment and other preparations.

Additionally, each cemetery will have its own specific features, rules about visitation and fees. You might opt for a burial plan based on your religious affiliation, status as a veteran, where your family is buried or something else very unique to you.

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