Choosing a WiFi That Reaches Your Patio or Backyard

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Warmer temperatures are here, which means that we can enjoy more time outside. If your ideal afternoon involves watching the kids play on the swing set, lounging in the hammock reading with your tablet or bingeing some Netflix™ while relaxing on the patio, you’ll want to make sure you can do all of those things without having to run inside to get a decent WiFi signal. Not every internet service provider can accommodate your online needs when you leave your home, so here’s what you should look for when choosing a WiFi service that extends outside.

1. Look for a WiFi Service that Can Reach Every Part of Your Property

Atlantic Broadband’s Enhanced Home WiFi service features an extendable mesh network which gives you total coverage of your home, regardless of the shape or size. This includes your yard and patio, if you have one! The advanced technology eliminates dead zones and offers consistent, lightning-fast speeds everywhere you use WiFi.

2. Speaking of Speed … the Faster, the Better

While you might want to focus on enjoying the sunshine instead of watching a TV show or checking your team’s score, having high-speed internet at a moment’s notice always pays off. Want to know what SPF you should be using on your children? What about how often they should re-apply it? Also, what kind of snake did you just see in the bushes – and more importantly, is it poisonous? You’ll want the answer to all of these questions within seconds.

With Atlantic Broadband’s groundbreaking Gigabit internet, GigaEdge, you’ll get download speeds up to 1,000 Mbps, which means virtually no load time and no need to run inside to get faster service. And even better, ask us about our free upgrade to gig speed internet for 3 months when you sign up for high speed internet (Offer details at

3. Don’t Forget Alexa or Your Amazon Echo

Setting the right mood in a covered patio or screened-in porch can make all the difference for a relaxing afternoon with the family or an evening cocktail hour with friends. When you position WiFi speakers in a safe spot outside (where they won’t get wet), you’ll never have to worry about connection issues or buffering. Let the good times roll.

4. Make Sure Your Neighbors Don’t Interfere With Your Connection

Leaving the confines of your home can mean a weakened connection or more interference from other WiFi networks. Maybe your backyard directly borders another home or a community pool with WiFi. With Atlantic Broadband, though, you’ll never have to worry about other networks slowing your speeds. Their unique WiFi noise canceling technology minimizes interference, even in townhomes, condos and apartment complexes.

Atlantic Broadband is the ninth largest cable operator in the United States. Customers can expect lightning-fast speeds, no dead zones, and crystal-clear picture and sound for both streaming and gaming experiences. To learn more about WiFi that will not only reach outside but also provide a secure, reliable connection for your friends and family, visit Atlantic Broadband online or call 844-574-8435.

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