7 Tips to Find the Right Funeral Home

Not all funeral homes are alike. Finding one that honors your wishes is essential to a funeral that comforts your loved ones when you pass.

The right funeral home understands the importance of legacy and can advise on how to personalize a service for you or a loved one. As with any institution, funeral homes come and go, so the reputation of a funeral home is also very important. If you are making advance arrangements, you need to feel confident that the home will still be in business when you pass on.

Finding people you can trust with these important decisions will go a long way toward easing your burden and giving you peace of mind.

Consider the following points when choosing the right funeral home for you.

  1. Cost

What is your budget and the home’s cost for services? Ask for a copy of their “General Price List” and compare it with other homes you’re considering. You’ll want to understand the types of services they’re capable of providing.

2. Special Arrangements

Can the funeral home handle any special instructions you may request?

3. Faith

Does the funeral home have any religious affiliations and is that important to you?

4. Staff

How helpful and considerate is the staff? Are you comfortable sharing intimate details of your life with them? This event is unlike anything else and not the time to be shy about details. You’ll want to work with people who understand and know how important it is to get things right.

5. Business Continuity

How many years has the home been serving your community? Will they still be in business when you need them? It may seem strange to think that a funeral home can go out of business, but it happens, as with any other business. Depending how far in advance you’re making arrangements, the longevity of their business matters.

6. Reputation

You may wish to ask friends or family for referrals. A positive – or negative – experience shared by someone you know can go a long way in helping you make a choice. You can also use the internet to search for local funeral homes and read online reviews.

7. Gut Feeling

Schedule a conference – either in person or by phone – with the funeral home director to discuss some initial thoughts and assess whether the feeling is right.

If a funeral home has been recommended to you, or you already have one in mind, check their website and make a phone call as your first step. Ask any preliminary questions and find out about their planning process. Even though you are new at this, they have done this before and will be able to explain to you how they operate.

It might be the case they cannot accommodate certain requests of yours, and you’ll know right away if they are the right funeral home for you. However, if they send you a price list and you have a good conversation over the phone, ask to set up a meeting with their funeral director, either by phone or in-person. By following these tips you will find the right funeral home to secure a lasting legacy for yourself or your loved ones.

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