3 Reasons Cable Companies Are the Best Option for Your Business’s Fiber Connection

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Fiber is the new and exciting thing in the internet space, right? It’s known for providing lightning-fast speeds and reliability unmatched by other technologies.

What most consumers and corporations would be surprised to learn, though, is that fiber-optic cables, those that serve as the backbone of our internet, have connected cities and countries since the Web’s beginning. In fact, back in 1988, the first underwater fiber-optic cable was laid to connect the U.S. to France and Britain! So, with all the flashy, new players popping up in the market, why are cable providers still the right choice when it comes to fiber?

Below, learn why cable still rules supreme.

1. Cable Providers Own and Operate the ‘Last Mile’ of Their Internet Infrastructure

While fiber cables have been around since the dawn of the internet, the “last mile” of the system that connects the network to the consumer is not traditionally made of the same cables.

In layman terms, the cable network is the tree trunk and the last mile is where the trunk branches off into innumerable branches. Those branches were historically not built with fiber cables because of the expense, but because cable providers own and operate that last mile, they understand the need for speed, reliability and the most updated technology. In order to provide the best service to their customers, Atlantic Broadband has evolved its network to provide 100 percent fiber optic service in the last mile.

2. Providers That Own the Last Mile Can Offer More Flexibility

Standard, pre-made packages work fine for consumers, but when it comes to choosing the right solution for your business, customizable services are best. Cable providers that own and operate the last mile of the fiber network can offer that flexibility.

Additionally, when it comes to installing your system and fixing any issues that arise, having an engineering and operations team in the community, like Atlantic Broadband has, means they’ll better understand your company’s needs and will be able to address everything immediately.

3. More Fiber Bandwidth Makes Your Business Boom

Many companies opt for “cheaper” internet service providers with slower speeds and less reliability to save money. But there’s only so much workers can accomplish when they experience lag, downtime and periodic outages. Businesses that know unreliable service can affect their bottom line also understand that choosing faster speeds and more reliable service with fiber saves time and money in the long run. Companies with fiber can experience as much as 10-20 times faster upload and download speeds, compared to broadband.

There are only so many hours in a day, and when it comes to transmitting large amounts of data, sales people making deals, warehouses fulfilling orders or ensuring that customers’ information is secure, fiber means everything to your bottom line.

What’s more, corporations need to keep up with new advancements to stay ahead of competitors and having more bandwidth with fiber means massive scalability and the capacity to support next-generation technologies and applications.

When it comes to choosing the right internet service provider for your business, Atlantic Broadband is the way to go. Employees can expect lightning-fast speeds and no downtime. To learn more about fiber, visit AtlanticBB.com or call (844) 574-8435.