Four Tricks to Ditch WiFi Dead Zones

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No matter how fast your internet speed may be, just about everyone knows where the connection is slower or nonexistent in their home…and avoids that room, corner, or section of the house like the plague. But it doesn’t have to be that way. WiFi dead zones are easier than you think to fix. Here are four handy tricks you can use to ensure a speedy connection from any spot in your home—even the basement.

1. Reduce the ‘Noise’

It’s hard to hear someone on the phone when you’re also watching TV, right? Generally, you turn down your television or mute it altogether. The same goes for your internet. To reduce noise interference with your wireless signal that comes from other appliances in your home, limit their use. Cordless phones, baby monitors, microwaves, and wireless game controllers all get in the way of your WiFi 33 signal, so try to limit their use.

2. Get Rid of the Barriers

You wouldn’t try to talk to someone through a concrete wall. The same idea applies to your wireless device trying to communicate with your router. Most people place their modem in a nondescript place, often in a corner or tucked away, but that’s actually one of the causes of dead zones. Brick, steel framing, and concrete walls can all absorb your wireless signal, so consider putting your router higher up and in the open.

3. Put Your WiFi 33 on Steroids

Another fix is to look into a service like Enhanced WiFi 33 from Atlantic Broadband. Enhanced Wii’s extended mesh network allows you to blanket your home in coverage, no matter its shape, size, or building materials. Multiple WiFi 33 points are placed around the home and they all communicate with one another. The mesh network allows your device to connect to the closest and fastest point, getting rid of dead or slow zones.

4. Keep Your Hardware and Software Current

When it comes to ensuring you have the fastest internet speed in your home, a lot of factors play into your success. Your router’s placement and signal noise are important, but you should also pay attention to the actual device you’re using. If you’re using the oldest version of a browser, have countless applications running, or are simply working with a near-antique device, you may want to consider an update. Software updates, operating system fixes, and newer devices can improve internet and WiFi 33 performance in the home.

Another thing to consider is that an older phone or computer can go through numerous updates but still may not be the most compatible operating system for your internet connection. The same can be said for your router itself. Older versions won’t be able to reach the fastest speeds available from your network. Bottom line: newer devices may be able to ensure stronger signals and faster speeds.

Atlantic Broadband, the internet, TV and phone provider serving homes and businesses in the Aiken area, has invested in a state-of-the-art, fiber-rich broadband network to deliver ultra-fast internet speeds up to 1 Gig and a superior WiFi 33 experience. To learn more about Enhanced WiFi 33 for knocking out dead zones and fast, reliable connections for your friends and family, visit online or call 844-505-8416.