3 Simple Steps to Give Your Family the Best WiFi Experience

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Your kids are on their phones, your spouse is surfing the web, and you're streaming Netflix on the TV...and then the dreaded buffering screen shows up. If it's not on the television, someone is experiencing lag, buffering, or a dead zone on their device.

You have internet service, but your family's technology needs are changing quickly and your service is probably not built to handle your family's workload.

Choose a Provider that Knows How to Create a Truly Connected Home

Today, you need internet service with a WiFi signal that is strong enough for whatever streaming or downloading your family and friends might throw at it.

The traditional way to set up a home WiFi network is to put a single access point in a room of your home - usually the living or family room. But if that room isn't centrally located, or if your home has two stories or more, there may be "dead spots" where WiFi coverage is weak or intermittent. Intermittent service, buffering, or dead spots are simply a result of your WiFi usage outgrowing the way traditional WiFi service works.

To truly blanket your home with a fast internet signal, you should have a network that has wireless access points throughout your home. Atlantic Broadband's Enhanced Home WiFi Service includes advanced features like mesh networking and more.

What does this mean? By placing one wireless access point in your bedroom and another in your kitchen, for instance, you and your guests will always have a strong signal. Atlantic Broadband's Enhanced Home WIFi is not a WiFi extender. It is a smart, home WiFi solution that includes advanced features such as video streaming priority, providing the best in-home video streaming experience possible. It also includes a handy management app that lets you monitor and manage your wireless home network, including sharing a dedicated guest network with your friends.

When adding these smart devices to your home, a professionally trained broadband technician can deter­ mine the proper placement of access points throughout your home to ensure optimal WiFi service.

Make Your Outdoor Spaces More Connected

And when the weather is nice, you'll want to get the most out of your outdoor spaces. Whether you pick an Amazon Echo or Google Home, a smart speaker can transform your home into a true entertainment space. With a simple spoken command, you can kick things into a festive mood by playing your favorite music and turning on patio lights to create a welcoming atmosphere.

While these devices are smart on their own, their real brains live online. A too slow or unreliable connection might mean that your device will respond to your queries with an error message or be unable to stream music when requested. Atlantic Broadband pairs robust internet speeds with Enhanced Home WiFi. By placing an access point near your outdoor space, you experience a connected home indoors and out. For optimal access for all your wireless devices, choose an internet speed that’s at least 100 Mbps.

With Atlantic Broadband, you can reach speeds of up to 1 gigabit per second.

Add Some Smarts to Your Home

Are you shopping for a Smart TV? Smart appliance such as a refrigerator or dishwasher? How about a security camera system or doorbell? With smart technology, homeowners need fast internet with strong WiFi, since poor coverage can affect how these devices work. And just as important as a reliable internet service is having a secure internet service. Now more than ever a smart home means a secure home, from having a dedicated home network to strong security passwords. Atlantic Broadband's Enhanced Home WiFi allows for your main home network plus a dedicated guest network, so your family's communications and transactions are secure and safe. Make sure you have reliable, ultra-fast internet service to support your WiFi devices and appliances.

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