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Sponsored by: City Billiards

They call it The Hangover.

It is a Beast of a hamburger, and that’s Beast with a capital B.

The Hangover is there for you on those days when just can’t get that motor running.

Regardless what you did the night before, whether you tied one on or slept extremely hard and waking up doesn’t require one cup of coffee but two.

For those two cups of coffee mornings after a margarita night, the Hangover is the very medicine you need to help fight yours.

“The Hangover is a burger that combines breakfast in lunch on those days where breakfast is spent in bed,” said City Billiards owner Mike Allen.

You need food.

Three squares and you missed breakfast.

The Hangover helps you catch up.

It comes with – and get this – the burger, a run through the garden, an onion ring, two slices of smoked ham, and a fried egg.

“You don’t leave hungry,” Allen said.

At City Billiards, 208 Richland Avenue, the Great American Hamburger meets one of the Great American Pastimes.

The hamburger, meets pool.

“The pool hall has evolved over the years,” said Allen. “It’s risen above its dark and shady reputation from 20 and 30 years ago. Pool has become a family game a we provide a nice family environment in which to enjoy it.”

Lunch at City Billiards isn’t just a meal, it’s an event; an event where if you want to skip breakfast, by all means, skip breakfast.

The Hangover takes care of that.

city-billiards-3City Billiard’s also serves the best Hamburger and hotdogs in town. In 2016 they captured the coveted first place award in both categories. Classically American, their burgers consist of 100 percent ground beef, cooked to order. All burgers are garnished with mayonnaise, mustard, lettuce, tomato and onion, and served on a fresh, brioche bun.

Staff pats out between 150 and 200 hamburger patties daily, and doing the math, that’s about 60,000 patties annually.

Let’s not forget their hot dogs.

Anybody can make a bad hot dog. You have to know what you’re doing on the grill or flattop to engineer that perfect dog.

There are four pool tables located in the back, so this is your classic pool hall but it’s not the smoke filled seedy joint from the days of Minnesota Fats and Willie Mosconi.

City Billiards is open Monday through Saturday, 10 am to 9:00 pm so you can enjoy some pool and burgers any time you like. First opening its doors in 1956, City Billiards has become a tried and true Aiken establishment.

In addition to their best hamburgers and hot dogs in town, City Billiards serves other favorites like their Reuben, shrimp and grits, steaks, chicken and a line of seafood. All dinners are served with a choice of two sides, the vegetable of the day, potato salad or Cole slaw. The menu is a variety menu, Allen said. Burgers and dogs, salad and seafood.

When you eat lunch or dinner at City Billiards, bring your cue and your appetite.