WingPlace is THE place for wings and the 12.06 Burger

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The staff of WingPlace - April Stratton, Kayee Last, Kayla Moore, Kayla Stone, Janice McIntosh, Emily Harley, Andrew McGinnis, and Dick and Laurel Dickerson. Not pictured Shelia Maguire.

wingplaceMake no mistake about it;  WingPlace on East Pine Log Road is a happening place.

All this fall and into winter, WingPlace will be counting down to its 10th anniversary celebration in January, and in so doing, giving you a chance to eat something that represents their 10 years in business.

The 12.06 Burger is named for Dec. 2006 when Dick and Laurel Dickerson opened their doors for the first time to start serving wings where you mark a spot on the calendar for, cold drinks and something happening every night of the week.

Yes, WingPlace is all about chicken wings, and they can fill a clock face with their variety of wings. Let’s get to that in a minute.

Their 12.06 Burger is heaven between a bun.

The 12.06 Burger in celebration of WingPlace 10th anniversary

Created in honor of WingPlace’s 10th anniversary, the 12.06 burger starts with your top grade beef patty, topped with both American and Havarti cheese, fried onion ring, a run through the garden with baby arugula and tomato, a sweet barbecue sauce, and a fried egg.

“Everybody loves the fried egg to top the 12.06 burger,” Laurel said. “It completes the burger.”

The basket of fries that accompanies the 12.06 Burger gives you a load of fries, and that’s good. Plenty enough to share, but enough to keep to yourself if you arrive with a bad case of “The Hongries.”

If you come away from the 12.06 Burger experience without leaving a little yoke on your shirt to save for later, you really didn’t dive in to your burger.

It’s okay to leave a little yellow behind. It’s expected. Take ownership of the egg yolk spot on your shirt. Wear it like a badge of honor. You’re among friends.

The Pork Belly Salad

The Fried Pork Belly salad can be a meal all its own. Hidden among a bed of arugula is a treasure trove of tasty treats.

Apple, blue cheese crumbles, candied pecans, and their white wine vinaigrette won’t overpower this awesome flavor profile. But don’t forget the fried pork belly.

You get the bacon experience for starters, with the blue cheese crumbles floating across your palette. Then, just when you think, okay, this is a salad, and a good one, let’s move on, the apples make their arrival, with the candied pecans peeking over their shoulder as a surprise guest wearing the white wine vinaigrette shawl.

“Wow, I didn’t see that coming,” and suddenly you aren’t just eating a salad, you’re enjoying a party.

Now, for the wings.

WingPlace wings sampler

It’s why we’re here.

With over 20 different flavor combinations of wet sauces and dry rubs, all homemade and created in the WingPlace kitchen, these wings can accommodate any flavor desire.

If you want heat, WingPlace has their signature Creeper sauce. If you want heat with a kick, there’s Creeper Prime. Their wasabi and ginger sauce tricks you. You think wasabi and you think, oh no, my tongue is going to melt. Here, the sauce is a cool compliment with the ginger, but if you’re seeking the low, slow, burn, there’s the blackened Cajun dry rub.

Your only limits are the chances you don’t take.

Standard favorites, or stepping outside the box, Wingplace wants you to have it all.

Trust me, your appetite will thank you afterwards.