Look good, feel good: Hyundai’s Ioniq set to change the green narrative

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Look good, feel good: Hyundai’s Ioniq set to change the green narrative


It’s not often a company can lay claim to creating something groundbreaking without resorting to hyperbole. But Hyundai’s long-awaited new model, the Ioniq, may be up to the task.

Car and Driver’s March 24 blog entry summed up what many in the auto industry have said: “With Volkswagen’s TDI diesels now on the rocks and Toyota’s Prius hybrid looking more and more like a science experiment gone wrong (at least style-wise), we’re glad to see Hyundai presenting its own entry into the green-car pool with the new Ioniq.”

With an emphasis on sporty design, hyper-efficiency, and a pleasing ride from start to finish, the Ioniq has made waves by including some of the most innovative technology while not compromising on style or fuel. And it’s officially the first model to launch with hybrid, all-electric, and plug-in hybrid options at once.

“The catch with a typical hybrid is a lack of fun,” Todd Torchia, General Manager at Taylor Hyundai on Washington Road, said. “But with this new model, there’s no step-down in driving experience or efficiency.”

The Ioniq offers amenities like heated front seats, rearview camera, sunroof, 7-inch display to go with folding back seats for ample cargo space and aerodynamic build. The hybrids have elevated efficiency to a new level with Automatic Emergency Braking, Blind Spot Detection, and other cutting-edge safety.

The Hybrid version sells in all 50 states, though the other versions are targeted towards states with tight emissions-testing guidelines. Drivers in the other states may special-order a plug-in hybrid or all-electric vehicle.

“There’s finally a hybrid that’s fun and looks good,” Torchia said. “And we’re really excited to offer it!”


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