3 Myths About Being a Voter

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Sponsored by: Aiken County Nov. 8 – Election Day – is fast approaching, and candidates and their messages seem to be everywhere you look. The registration deadline of Oct. 8 is fast approaching, too. So are you planning to vote? While casting a ballot on Election Day might seem to be a no-brainer, there are several myths about being a voter that keep people away from the polls on Election … Read More

Remembering the Women Who Served: WWII and Korean War Veteran Remembers

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Aiken, SC – In 1942, and with the blessing of her father, mother and brothers, the then twenty-one year old College of Charleston graduate Caroline Eason Newman joined the Women’s Army Auxiliary Corps (WAAC). Her father, with a background in ship building, was serving in the U.S. Navy and both brothers were at the Citadel and later became officers in the U.S. Army.  At the time, young Caroline thought, “Women should be able to join,” and considered joining the Canadian WACS while waiting for the United States to begin recruiting women.